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Below, find a partial listing of our past and present affiliates.
Watch for new syndication affiliate updates!

Cable Radio Network-CRNI 107.3 FM Los Angeles

Just minutes from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the Cable Radio Network
Broadcast Center launched "Radio on TV" in 1983. Known as "The Voice
of Television", CRN is carried by all major cable television companies nationally
on their
basic cable channel line-up as well as many digital cable line-ups.
Heard in over 24 million homes, on 476 stations, CRN provides news,
information, and entertainment to its listeners 24/7.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Saturday Night (Sun. Morning) 12:00 AM PST

Indie 104.7 FM and 88.5 FM Los Angeles

Indie 104
is the largest independent radio station in the US. They play all
genres of music, feature unsigned artists/bands from around the world, and
are well connected in the music industry. Indie 104 broadcasts on 104.7 FM
locally in the Los Angeles area, as well as on iRadio LA 88.5 FM (also in
Los Angeles), Fast Track To Fame TV (who syndicates to 110 televison
networks across the United States) and on KTR 81.7 FM in the UK.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Saturday 4:00 PM PST
Sunday 12:00 AM PST

Indie Artist Radio

Indie Artist Radio
features multiple genres of free independent music with the best in radio and steaming audio music entertainment. Their radio station includes music from Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Dance, Electronica, Folk Music, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Metal Rock, Reggae, Urban, Women’s Alternative and World Beat name a few. They also feature music downloads, as well as music promotion services.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Monday 6:00 PM PST
Thursday 11:00 AM PST

Just Enough TV

Just Enough TV is the indie music video channel provider for MSN pumping indie
music videos to over 13.7 million viewers. With over 200 music videos and
growing each week, Just Enough TV is quickly becoming the home for
Independent Music Videos on the Internet.
See the best indie videos first on Just Enough TV.

Streaming Music Highway On-Demand 24/7.

Indie Band Radio

Indie Band Radio plays only the best unsigned bands and artists from around the world! Serving more listening hours than any other unsigned station, Indie Band Radio has quickly earned the reputation of being one of the highest rated indie stations in existance, and has proven to be an invaluable promotional resource for bands trying to gain global exposure.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Sunday 12:00 AM PST
Sunday 8:00 PM PST

Megarock Radio

Megarock Radio is one of the most listened to rock radio stations today,
broadcasting since 1999. Offering thousands of instantly requestable music
tracks, live programming, DJs, and the latest music news, Mega Rock Radio also
features a full lineup of specialty radio shows, interviews and even some rare rock
tracks and concerts you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's Classic rock,
heavy metal, grunge, alternative, punk, or thrash, Megarock Radio rocks
without limits, all by request.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Sunday 12:00 AM PST
Wednesday 12:00 AM PST

Hot Metal Radio

Hot Metal Radio is loud, live and worldwide! Streaming Hard Rock and Metal Music
24/7 since 2001, they feature interactive live DJs, shows, rock and metal news,
concert info, CD reviews, new release daets, and automatic requests. Bang your
head to real rock and metal without that ALTERNATIVE aftertaste.

Broadcasting Music Highway

Sunday 12:00 AM PST
Thursday 11:00 AM PST

Mobile Broadcast Network

The Mobile Broadcast Network enables users of mobile phones to tune into
quality Radio Programming from anywhere their cell phone operates.
The Mobile Phone Radio Network is a service of XS Voice, supplier
of on-demand live streaming audio for a variety of
mobile phone networks and providers.

The following Music Highway affiliate stations can be accessed through
the Mobile Broadcast Network:

8Ball Radio, Indie Artist Radio, Indie Band Radio and NetRock 101.

NetRock 101

Netrock 101 plays a variety of the best music from the 70s, 80s, and
90s. They feature hard rock and heavy metal with the best new rock mixed in,
as well as other forms of popular music. In additional to the faboulous
songs currently in rotation, Netrock 101 broadcasts terrific syndicated talk,
blues, and indie music shows.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Sunday 11:00 AM PST

Free World Radio

Free World Radio
is a grassroots station, by artists for artists. Break out of the
mold! Find out what is really going on in the music scene today. Free World Radio
is the sound of independent music. Visit Free World Radio, sit back and enjoy
some of the best music and radio programs in the world.
Free World Radio
also podcasts Music Highway.

Streaming Music Highway On-Demand 24/7.

New Artist Radio

New Artist Radio
is a station dedicated to independent music artists
and their fans. Since 2001, New Artist Radio has designed their playlists
solely by listener request, without the influence of: record labels,
corporate radio, song charting or CD sales, and regardless of genre.
From Austria to Australia and from the UK to the US,
New Artist Radio music fans first.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Monday thru Sunday 9:00 AM PST
Plus On-Demand Streaming 24/7

Meeker Broadcasting

Meeker Broadcasting
is heard in 21 countries around the world,
featuring the best music and talk shows to listen to while you work and play. Truly
something for everyone, Meeker Broadcasting strives to air the highest quality
programming available on any radio station anywhere.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Monday thru Friday 7:00 PM PST
Sunday 9:00 AM PST

Thunderground Radio

Thunderground Radio is broadcast to over 40 countries across the globe each
month. The station features both independent artists and higher profile
acts. Thunderground Radio's primary goal is not only to give indie
musicians a place to be heard, but to bring them to the forefront of the
station's playlist.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Sunday 12:00 AM PST
Tuesday 12:00 PM PST

Studio B Radio

Studio B Radio plays a mix of great music including: classic rock,
oldies, country, easy listening, alternative, pop, jazz, and more. Combining
live DJ shows with world class syndicated music programs, Studio B Radio
also features an interactive jukebox, where you pick the songs you want to
hear from a selection of over 4000 tracks.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Tuesday 7:00 AM PST
Saturday 1:00 PM PST

Hot FM

HOT FM brings listeners the cream of global talent 24 hours a day,
broadcasting live from the United Kingdom with the best music!

Broadcasting Music Highway
Monday thru Friday 11:00 AM PST
Saturday 8:00 AM PST

Contagious Radio

Broadcasting Music Highway
Thursday (PST ot be announced)

M4 Radio

Since 1997, M4 Radio has brought you independent music, interviews, music
shows, talk shows and hot topics of the day. Over 3,500 artists strong, M4
plays ONLY unsigned artists and bands from all over the world! 100%
uncensored, M4 Radio is your music, your way, by the bands and for the fans!

Broadcasting Music Highway
Thursday 6:00 AM PST
Thursday 6:00 AM PST

NetRadio 100

NetRadio 100 strives to bring an appealing eclectic mix of the world's
best music. From avant-garde Jazz to zydeco you can find it on NetRadio 100
artist profiles, concert updates and CD vendor info. Where listeners
come first and feedback is always appreciated, NetRadio 100 is your eclectic
music source.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Sunday 12:00 AM PST
Tuesday 7:00 PM PST
Thursday 5:00 PM PST

Pure Rock Radio

Pure Rock Radio is an extreme uncensored talk and music station featuring
dozens of music shows of all genres, automated band requests via the
website, independent artist support, song charting, rock news and much
more. Based in Saskatoon, Canada, Pure Rock Radio plays the newest
pre-release rock on the planet, rock classics and obscure favorites.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Monday 2:00 PM PST

Outbound Music

Outbound Music broadcasts a top-quality variety of independent music on
its seven radio channels, 24/7, to the multitude of personalities and
tastes that make up audiences around the world. Outbound Music also
provides promotional services for independent recording artists and
songwriters played on their station.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Sunday 12:00 AM PST
Sunday 12:00 PM PST


BNRX broadcasts the latest in commercial free new rock and industrial music,
live uncensored speciality radio shows, music news, motorcross and extreme
sports scores and, ofcourse, the "Babe Of The Week." BNRX, radio for the
XTREME listener with an XTREME lifestyle!

Broadcasting Music Highway
Sunday 12:00 AM PST
Monday 7:00 PM PST

TNR Radio

TNR Radio is a long-established radio station with a varied playlist
comprised of many genres of amazing music. Since 1999, TNR Radio has
broadcast live from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Great Britain, where
experienced professional DJs and show hosts, who know and care about
the music they play, spin everything from classic tracks and great oldies,
to unsigned music.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Saturday 1:00 PM PST

Rockland USA

Rockland USA will be part of the new Motorola iRadio Service available on
car radios, cellular phones and portable media devices! Coming to Best Buy,
T-Mobile, Cingular, Radio Shack, and more.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Time TBA

SubZero Radio

SubZero Radio is the coolest station to hit radio, featuring some of the
most eclectic jocks around. Although generally a rock station, there is a
wide range of music currently being played on SubZero Radio, covering nearly
every genre. All of these great tunes are being spun by some of the hottest
radio talent in the national/world.

Broadcasting Music Highway

Wednesday at 4:00 PM PST
Friday at 5:00 PM PST


At KLLR, you will find everything from pithy yet freakishly refreshing
interviews about books, movies, music, TV, current events and audio book
chapter excerpts to original music (studio and live tracks) by many unsigned
artists including bestselling novelist Craig Spector and some of his
ever-expanding network of highly accomplished weirdo friends.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Wednesday at 11:00 PM PST

Wireless Phone Radio Network

Wireless Phone Radio Network is the world's only community that allowing
users to access radio programming, user-created content, and interact with
hosts and listeners by cell phone, land-line and via the internet. Wireless
Phone Radio Network streams music and talk shows to millions of listeners
hosted by influential, professional on-air personalities who run sucessful
television/adio shows as well as high-traffic internet web sites.

Broadcasting Music Highway Upon Demand

MWB Radio

MWB Radio
plays the best in independent music. In addition, the MWB Radio
website gives listeners info about the bands they hear, allows fans to
purchase the bands' CDS, and give music lovers the opportunity to request
the bands on MWB Radio again. Hailing from the Midwest, they play
everything: folk, rock, country, metal, even Christian music, plus specialty
shows to suit your specific musical style and taste

Broadcasting Music Highway
Wednesday at 8:00 AM PST
Wednesday at 5:00 PM PST


The Artist Launch Network is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of independent music by helping artists get their music heard and sold. Through their many affiliate sites, Artist Launch targets every aspect of the music listening population from industry to fans.

Streaming Music Highway On-Demand 24/7.

Australian Worldwide Radio Network

The Australian Worldwide Radio Network produces and syndicates weekly radio
programming 24/7, in nine different music formats, for radio stations and
production companies all around the world. Their shows are heard by over one
million radio listeners each week on 140+ stations via satellite, terrestrial and
internet broadcasts throughout Australia and beyond.

Broadcasting Music Highway
Upon Demand

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